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What you can expect from the first session....


For most people, taking the decision to speak to a psychologist is a big step. With all the therapeutic options it can be difficult to know which kind of therapy will be helpful and sometimes it may take someone years to finally decide to come and see a therapist.


My approach and training are, of course, a very important part of my work. I use a broad range of CBT and compassion focused approaches. This said, research has shown time and time again that the single most effective aspect of therapy is the therapeutic relationship. A well rounded, humane approach is always the most important part of my work.


 I would usually begin with an assessment so that I can get a sense of what you might need help with and so that you can ask any questions. We would then make an initial agreement about the type of work we might do together. In the first few sessions I will want to know what your particular situation is and what you are dealing with and what you hope to get out of therapy,.


Through all of this I would be respectful of the potentially anxiety provoking nature of the first few sessions and would tailor my approach to suit you.  If you find it harder to talk then I will ask more questions. If you have a lot to say then I will listen more. Once we have agreed on the aims of our work together we will agree a timescale which we review regularly to ensure you are getting what you want from therapy.





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