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Parent and Child

The job of parenting and raising happy, responsible and grounded children is hugely enjoyable but can also be daunting and tough.





Parents contact me for a wide range of reasons although typically they are worried that their children or the family are experiencing some of the following difficulties:


  • excessive anger, acting out, eating or sleeping difficulties
  • attention and behaviour problems / difficulties with peers, bullying behaviour or being bullied
  • emotional and behavioural difficulties at school with school liaison
  • levels of sadness, tearfulness or low mood that cause concern
  • children and families dealing with the impact of divorce / bereavement or other big transitions
  • attachment difficulties
I generally see families with children aged between 0 and 18 years and can include both parents and children in the work. I use a range of approaches including assessments for particular difficulties if we all agree this will be of help.

In working with families I draw on techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy (or CBT), Narrative Therapy and attachment theory.


My central focus is always to ensure that my intervention will enable parents to feel much more secure, confident and effective in their parenting 


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