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I am the author of Nurture Your Child's Emotional Intelligence.  To be published by Welbeck Publishing on the 3rd of February 2022, but available for pre-order now


We teach our children how to tie their shoelaces, how to read, how to ride a bike. We explain the weather and rainbows and why people have jobs. But when it comes to explaining the forceful, baffling, intense and marvellous emotions that we might experience, well, things become vague.

Nurturing your child's 'emotional intelligence', so they can understand and process their own emotions, is one of the most important things you can teach your child. But parents are often at a loss as to how best to do this. And your child's big, complex emotions can also be somewhat scary.

In this book I provide a compass through that haze of uncertain emotional parenting, to help parents teach their children the crucial life skills that create emotional intelligence. This book equips you to understand your child's emotions from pre-schooler through to pre-teen and, importantly, gives you the tools and advice you need to help THEM accept and understand these emotions.

As the conversation around children's mental health continues to grow, this book provides an essential guide.

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