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Children’s eating consultations and packages for toddlers and Children

Packages Available


Skype Phone consultation package - £180

Home consultation package - £230

Included in the packages - 14 day plan, daily progress reviews and built-in support


  • I ask you to fill in an eating and general behaviour questionnaire, I will conduct an in-depth consultation, either over the phone (Wed / Fri evenings from 7.30pm) or in your home (weekdays), to assess your child’s current eating patterns and specific behavioural issues, discuss different ways of working with your child and agree on the most effective course of action.

  • I will email you a manageable and tailor-made plan, including an agreed routine and steps to implement the changes we have agreed on. We will talk this through and make sure you are happy with everything.

  •  I offer a daily phone catch up and unlimited text, email or WhatsApp support throughout your programme.

  •  At the end of the plan, I will identify next steps to help you ensure that your child maintains healthy eating habits as they grow


Extending the packages


This is a two week programme but if you need further support with embedding the training, progressing your child's eating or troubleshooting, or a follow-up phone consultation at any point in the subsequent 6 months, I offer the following options:


  • Further email support - £30 (per week)

  • Follow up Skype / phone consultation - £35 (1/2 hour)

  • Follow up Skype phone consultation - £65 (1 hour)


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