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August 4, 2016

In a past blog I looked at Tiny Tastes as a way of increasing your child’s food repertoire. Tiny Tastes is a popular and fun method and I tend to use it with parents when there is some concern around the amounts and variety of foods their children are eating and where...

June 16, 2016


I once had a job as a research assistant talking to teenage boys about emotions. Not a job for the fainthearted but I like a challenge. The boys treated me with large amounts of baffled silence. I talked to them about peers, who they spoke to when they felt down...

May 30, 2016


In my blog posts I’ve given a lot of advice around picky eating. However sometimes children’s eating is not simply picky. Sometimes children’s eating is seriously restricted and food and mealtimes cause a great deal of distress. In this blog I’ll look at what happens...

May 24, 2016

Last week I posted a ‘how to’ blog on Tiny Tastes outlining my take of this very effective way of getting children to try new foods. Tiny Tastes should be a simple, fun way of enabling children to be more adventurous however it it's worth being very clear about what yo...

May 19, 2016

Since my children were babies I always put a little bit of everything onto their plates. The idea being that they got used to a range of foods even if they chose not to eat them. I knew from my work that children needed to have close contact with lots of different food...

May 13, 2016



I’m ashamed to say I have a tendency to be quite authoritarian around food[1]. I want my children to try whatever food is given at a meal; I don’t allow snacks too close to eating time and (…..and this is the problem) I make judgments about whether they’ve eaten enou...

May 9, 2016




When I was little my mother was told by health visitors that I was far too fat. I was two years old and hadn’t started walking. My mother wanted to do the right thing and as it was the seventies she was advised to restrict the amount I ate and to replace ‘fattening’...

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August 4, 2016

May 30, 2016

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Tiny Tastes - Part 1

May 19, 2016

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